Links from Last Week

Your Calendar is a Mess

Having worked in various support roles including being an assistant I can't recommend this short read enough. It is amazing how few people think about optimizing their schedules. Taking 30 minutes to think about when you want your meetings scheduled can make all the difference in your productivity. This also reminded me of the joy that is Calendly for busy people who don't have assistants.

Not from last week. Still brilliant.  Also, grassroots fundraising that seems to be working? Buckle up guys, this is gonna get weird.

Compromising your Principles; or Five ways to console yourself when you are selling-out

This one isn't from last week. I read it when it came out in early July, but I find myself going back to it again and again. Life is a perpetual grey area. Usually. I mean mostly.
See what I mean?! It is often challenging to balance all the things that you find true. I've seen many people try to force this seeming cognitive dissonance into a two dimensional, measurable reality claiming that this compromising of values is a tactical error or bias we must work around. While we humans are plagued by biases and irrational thought, not all of our compromises (moral, philosophical, or just about what to have for dinner) are irrational. Knowing when to use your cognitive dissonance to your advantage is a great skill.

An anarchist who counts votes is no anarchist at all!

A Sweet Celebration of Connection - Hug Me

may be one of the cutest and best children's books I've seen in a long time. It is painfully honest, and one of those rare children's books that takes a critical look at family. Sometimes we aren't born into the family we need. Even if we are, there is an amazing power and joy in finding your tribe. It is important to encourage the next generation to continue to do the hard work of being vulnerable and asking for what you need, despite repeated rejections. To tell children that the way they are is not broken or wrong, to keep trying, to be patient and find those that will embrace you. It seems important to remind our adult selves of this as well.