I'm happy to have found a wonderful support for this project in Jude Le Tronik and Damask Tattoo.


Damask Tattoo is a Seattle based, women owned spa-like tattoo parlor. Opened by Christy Brooker with the express goal of making the entire tattoo parlor that is "comfortable, inviting, relaxed and friendly." Damask offers a full service tattoo experience, with private rooms, hot tea or coffee, and some of the best tattoo artists Seattle has to offer. Each of the five artists have an impressive portfolio I was luck enough to be able to work with Jude.


Jude Le Tronik has a background in fine art and illustrations and sports a wonderful portfolio of beautiful tattoos boasting both skill and amazing artistry. But my favorite part of working with Jude is their awesome energy and openness that they brings to their work. Jude is a joy to work with and I cannot thank them enough for their wonderful work on this project. I came to Jude with a very basic idea of what I wanted and they came up with the beautiful art that I'm adding to my body each year.

From their bio:

I am visual artist/ tattooist, magical creature extraordinaire. Over the years I have worked as a tattooist, concept artist, muralist, and illustrator in LA, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Vancouver, and Seattle.

I would like to acknowledge that I am living and working on Unceded Coast Salish territories.  I view my tattooing practice as both an art and also a craft that incorporates body and energy work.  I want to make art that is approachable for everybody at all levels, be it purely visual and/or spiritual.  At its roots, tattooing in many cultures have been a mark of rites of passage, a powerful medium to empower, transform, and heal an individual thru designs and images.  It is also a way for us to claim and reclaim our bodies and to wear on our skin what we believe is beautiful and personally meaningful.  I approach my collaborative process in the light of this notion.

I aim to provide a space safe space for people from all classes, race, sex, gender, etc. backgrounds.  I believe in anti-oppression politics and draw a lot of inspiration from pacific northwest landscape, mythology, folk lore, animal motifs, archetypes, magical elements, patterns in nature, scientific illustrations, etching, post-punk movements, art history, and street art.

I have a certain style of drawing and mainly focus on blackwork and selective uses of colors. I ask each client to please take sometime to look at my portfolio and come to the process with an open mind and as a collaborative process.  I work to give you the best tattoo that I can with the style of art that I do.

While I am not tattooing or making art, I enjoy camping, skipping around in nature, cooking gourmet versions of comfort food, reading fiction with a strong americano, practicing martial arts, watching live music, traveling, watching bad horror flicks, playing Zelda, arcade games, and squealing over animal videos. 

Some of Jude's Work:

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