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*Statistics from the WHO


Facebook 1: I just donated to my friend's campaign to end the spread of malaria. Check out her story. https://sydsbirthdaychallenge.com/fire-2015

Facebook 3:  3.4 billion people (half the world's population) are at risk from malaria. Those most at risk of dieing from the disease are pregnant women and children. Over half a million people are expected to die from malaria this year. Help end the spread by donating today https://sydsbirthdaychallenge.com/fire-2015


Twitter: Half of the worlds population is at risk from #malaria. Help end the spread. Donate today https://sydsbirthdaychallenge.com/fire-2015

Twitter 2: My friend donated her birthday to raise money for bed nets. Check out her story  https://sydsbirthdaychallenge.com/fire-2015 @AgainstMalaria #malaria

Twitter 3: Donate today to help end #malaria: https://sydsbirthdaychallenge.com/fire-2015 @AgainstMalaria

Twitter 4: Every 60 sec a child dies of malaria. We can change that. Join my campaign: https://sydsbirthdaychallenge.com/fire-2015


Subject: Together we can help end malaria

I recently learned that 3.4 billion people (half the world's population) are at risk from malaria, and I'm doing something about it. I just donated to my friend's campaign to prevent malaria.

Help her raise money for bed nets, a proven way to prevent malaria, by donating to the campaign. Every little bit counts! https://sydsbirthdaychallenge.com/fire-2015

We would love your support in ending this preventable disease!


Email 2:

Subject: Check this out!

My friend is using her birthday to help raise money to stop the spread of malaria. Did you know that over half a million people die each year from this preventable, curable disease? I've donated to the cause and I wanted to give you the opportunity to do the same.

The Against Malaria Foundation is helping build a new kind of nonprofit. Their are continually named as one of the top charities around the world for their efficiency, partnership with local and international organization, research, and transparency. I encourage you to check out this great organization and consider giving to my friend's campaign: https://sydsbirthdaychallenge.com/fire-2015